The Nonprofit Council has always maintained an active Advocacy Committee.  The purpose of this committee is to take a proactive approach to initiating, assessing and responding to local policy issues in a manner that benefits TNC members and their clients. It also serves as the vehicle for members to organize in a timely manner when issues arise that affect the nonprofit sector as a whole.  Below, you will find some recent examples of this work.


The Influencer: A Day Without Nonprofits

The nonprofit workforce is larger than the airline industry nationally. Have we ever stopped to think how different our lives might be without services provided by the nonprofit community?

​The Influencer: A Day Without Nonprofits is a short film that explores what life might look like if one day the nonprofit sector went away. Our goal is to express visually and through a storyline the ways we may take the work of the nonprofit sector for granted.  This film was produced by The Nonprofit Council in collaboration with Key Ideas.  We dedicate this film to the nonprofit workforce.

TNC Op-Ed: Nonprofits Deserve a Seat at the Table